Feedback from the Field
Here's what active team builders have to say...

Great read! Not only informative, but very entertaining! Prospecting Rules! takes the seemingly overwhelming process of talking to people you don't know (yet!) and professionally sharing your opportunity with them. What I really appreciated about Russ McNeil's book is he provides scripts in a logical and non-threatening manner while explaining what the prospect is thinking! This is very powerful information! Prospecting Rules! is a must read for anyone in network marketing or direct sales!

-B. Boyne, FL

This book opened my eyes to more than prospecting. It showed me how easy it is just to start a conversation and in that build my network of relationships. It really works. I've been able to come out of my shell and just start conversing with strangers and some of those led to prospecting and some didnt but that is ok. The future has changed for me because of this book. I highly recommend you get this book if you need encouragement talking to cold market prospects and turning them in to your warm market!

K. Abbes, FL

As the leader of an organization numbering in the thousands, I've learned to differentiate between "textbook" MLM gurus (that seem all too common) and genuine business builders who have been in the trenches and have the battle scars to prove it. Russ McNeil is the real deal and if you're looking for real concepts that work in real life, his book, Prospecting Rules!, is a must read. The second principle alone is worth a fortune—everyone responds to it, it's easy to do, yet so few reps put it to use! Thanks, Russ for writing this book.

J. Yong (Malaysia), part time Professional Network Marketer, full time husband and daddy


This page highlights some of the comments received from team-builders that are currently active in the field. These individuals represent a wide range of experience and income levels. Some are new to the industry and some have been active for decades and enjoy 6 or 7 figure incomes. They represent a wide range of product types—health and wellness, insurance, and cosmetics just to name a few. Finally, they represent all types of business models—Network-Marketing, Direct-Sales, Party-Plans, etc.

S. Houston (California)

Dear Mr. McNeil, I just wanted to take the time and thank you for putting this wonderful book together. I just finished reading it and it is right on point. I'm a very shy person and coming up to strangers has never been one of my strengths. Your book is easy to read, There are lots of eye openers, great tips and many good "ah ha!" moments. I already started applying The info and it's very effective. Can't Thank you enough for sharing your knowledge, your experience; your hard work and research with all of us instead of keeping it to yourself.

P.S. Excuse me if there's any mistakes. English is my second language.

Rae E.

If you struggle with any aspect of prospecting—from approaching the prospect, to offering your opportunity, to following up—you need to read Prospecting Rules! Russ McNeil brings everything together in a manner that makes the prospecting process natural and even fun! New reps always want to know what to say to people. This book has the answers. It’s loaded with things to say and not to say. The concepts and the specific phrases Russ shares are priceless. It would take years to learn them on your own, if ever. Maximize your chances for prospecting success—make this book your prospecting guide.

P. Herberger (New York)

Russ, I’ve already gone through Prospecting Rules! once and now, I'm circling back to read it again. I’ve got to say: it’s one of the easiest to read, most comprehensive guides on how to communicate effectively with prospects. It’s helping me understand my role better, how to posture myself, and most importantly, it’s helping me to understand my prospects’ perspective better. Now, I can create rapport with them and invite them take the next step in the sponsoring process. Thank you for your excellent guide. Every team-builder should read it.

D. Wilcoxson (Colorado)

Once I started this book, I could not put it down. Prospecting Rules! is a fantastic tool for business owners to share with their team members, sales staff, and employees in general. The author, Russ McNeil, sprinkled nuggets of gold all throughout this mind-changing book and the best part is—you don't even have to dig to find them! This is definitely one book you'll want to read over and over.

J. Hughes (Illinois)

Russ is a brilliant author and has been a tremendous mentor to me. His book, Prospecting Rules!, is a no-holds-barred book on prospecting. Finally, someone did it and most importantly, did it right. Not only is Prospecting Rules! an excellent and well-written book, I believe it's a necessity for your business to soar!

P. Belyeu (Texas)

This is one strange puppy! OK, now that I have your attention, let me tell you why that's a good thing. Prospecting is something that seems to be the Achilles' heel of marketers everywhere. Russ has some of te most unusual spins on things and even an old cold-call cowboy like me had some of those whack-on-the-side-of-the-head moments as I read his book Prospecting Rules! It's funny, quirky, and right on about how to prospect effectively. If you want to learn some great ideas and have fun at the same time, get the book. Then read it. Then read it again.

M. Stammer (Texas)

You have that rare ability to package your energy and enthusiasm into what can only be called power speaking. Principle #3 (Curiosity Paid the Cat), is nothing short of brilliant. You positively INSPIRED me to get off my duff and get back to work.

B. Kurtin (Texas)

If you want to master the concepts and approach of the 6-foot rule, there is no one better than Russ McNeil. His humorous style and his ability to communicate the simplicity of his methods are some of the best I have seen.  If you are a net-worker then you need Russ in front of your team.

D. Wilson (Texas)

Russ McNeil is an excellent trainer and author. The knowledge he imparts is super helpful for anyone wanting to increase their sales in network marketing (or any other industry for that matter). I highly recommend reading Prospecting Rules! and if you can catch a live presentation... you GOTTA go!

D. Ferguson (Texas)

You're in for a fantastic experience as you engage with Russ' training. I've watched him train on numerous occasions and there are few people who communicate as well as he does. Russ has managed to integrate useful information with a sense of humor that is uniquely his. A lot of trainers rehash theory that they learned from someone else. What Russ does is communicate from the perspective of hard won personal experience. The result is nothing short of amazing. Furthermore, he practices what he preaches. No one is more qualified to teach your team the in's and out's of prospecting.

S. Reed (Texas)

Russ McNeil hit one “out of the park" with his book, Prospecting Rules! When it comes  to team-building, the skill set of connecting is the most vital skill of all and Russ breaks it down into simple steps that anyone can duplicate. His book is a must read for anyone interested in growing their business and expanding their market reach.

Denise Clements, Multi-million dollar producer