Recommended Books


"Most homes worth a $1,000,000 have a library. That ought to tell us something." Jim Rohn


The books on this page were hand-picked for their contribution to your mastery of prospecting. Each one addresses a particular aspect of the skill. The ones listed in the first section, are general in nature. You can learn more about each one by clikcking on the correspeonding image. The books on this page are not listed in particular order. We recommend them all.

The books in the second section, at the bottom, are laser-focused on the subject of prospecting and as such, they are very specific in nature. These books are are available on this site here.



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How to Win Friends and Influence People


Dale Carnegie

You probably have a copy of this on your shelf, but have you actually read it? Perhaps you have already read it. How long ago was that? Read it again, this time, with prospecting in mind. Then practice what you read. Every last word applies to your prospecting efforts.




Skill with People


Les Giblin

This book is like the Cliff Notes to How to Win Friends and Influence People. Serious prospectors will read both of them. All others should at least read this one.





Rhinoceros Success

Scott Alexander

One of my all-time favorite reads. Develop your own permanent attitude of "never give up." Inspirational. Humorous. By the time I was half way through it, I had adopted the rhino as my personal mascot. Few things move me to that degree. Check it out.




Hung by the Tongue


Francis P. Martin

Be careful what you say; your words can come back and bite you. I didn't always believe that. Not until this book opened my eyes. One of my first business mentors "urged" me to read this book. About 10 pages into it, I began to understand why. Having trouble getting the responses you want from prospects? Read this. About 10 pages into it, and you'll know why I'm recommending it.



Positive Personality Profiles


Robert Rohm

Except for the Bible, no other book has affected my life so profoundly. Like it or not, you're in a people business. That means you better get good at dealing with, and communicating with, a wide variety of people. The only way to do so, is by gaining at least a basic understanding of human behavior. This book is the key. Make sure you order the associated profile assessment, or take the free assessment here.



The Greatest Salesman in the World


Og Mandino

I won't even try to describe this one. If you haven't yet experienced this classic, ask yourself this: why would a book sell 25 million copies? Curious about what you've been missing? You should be.





The Go-Giver


Bob Burg & John David Mann

I don't read particularly fast, but I read this one in two sittings. It's a fantastic story that will forever change the way you relate to your your prospects. Don't miss it.





Million Dollar Year


Andrea Waltz & Richard Fenton

This little book was a huge surprise. Like a lot of famous personal development books, it's told in story form. Every team-builder should read this this. You'll be amazed at the effect it will have on your business. 




Cracking the Networking Code


Dean Lindsay

This book isn't about network marketing in particular, but rather about networking in the general sense. It's about the "4 steps to priceless business relationships." When you think about it, isn't that the core of our profession?




Items in this section available on this site
Prospecting Rules!


This book focuses on the subject of prospecting communicationwhat to say, how to say it, when to say it and what not to say; it's all here. Jam-packed with humor. Reader responses are unanimous: this book is right on target.




Lessons from the Ark


Attract a steady stream of prospects. The pros do it. Now you can too. This unique book illuminates traits, behaviors, and attitudes common to all master prospectors. You'll never look at the animal kingdom the same way again. One expert endorser called it a "game-changer." 



The Most Expensive Cookies in the World


Fear of rejection is a real issue for some team-builders. But not for the ones who've read this powerful story. This unique book casts you as the main character. Through the course of the story, you and your character experience a permanent shift in mindset. Fear of rejection doesn't stand a chance; not with this recipe.