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Welcome! You've landed on the home of Aha! University and it's no accident you're here. If you're engaged in a business or profession that hinges on team-building you might want to take notice. Over 30  leaders and experts in the network marketing, MLM, and direct-sales professions took notice. Not only thatthey went on to endorse the unique content in our store.

It doesn't matter if your profession is insurance, network marketing, direct sales, real estate, or party plans. If you recruit/sponsor/build sales or marketing teams, the information inside can help.

Promoting an income opportunity, of any type, is a unique undertaking. And it requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. One of these skills in particular stands out:

  • John David Mann calls it the "central skill of our profession"
  • Denise Clements calls it "the most vital skill of all"
  • Robert Butwin calles it the "life-blood of our business"
  • John Milton Fogg told his listeners that "it rules!"
  • Margie Aliprandi said that "everything else is just scaffolding"

This all-important skill is, of course, prospecting. And as important as it is,  finding solid, practical information about prospecting can be difficult. When you do find some, it's often either dry and boring, or worse, it's over complicated and difficult to duplicate. That's where we come in... 

The information offered here is developed in the real-world so it's extremely practicalBetter yet, it's loaded with good humor so there's nothing boring about it. More importantly, the concepts we share are explained in a down-to-earth style that is no-brainer simple and a piece o' cake to duplicate. Best of allit's 100% principle-based. That means our content will always apply; no fads, gimmicks, or cheesy one-liners.


We have plenty of endorsements and user reviews to substantiate these claims. We also off some pretty cool free stuff inside. Why not poke your snout in and look around...



"The 10 Commandments of Prospecting—

Tips From the Masters"