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Prospecting Rules!

Why would 30+ experts and industry icons all endorse a single book? 

Ever struggle for the words to use when you talk to prospects? Well not anymore. This book has been called the "prospector's bible". I don't know about that, but I can tell you that's jam-packed with real-world principles that get real-world results. Prospecting Rules! focuses on the verbal and non-verbal aspects of prospecting communication. What to say, how to say it, when to say it. It even covers why to say it, something you won't find anywhere else. Every aspect of prospecting is covered thoroughly and in a light-hearted fashion. From starting the conversation through the follow-up call, it's all in one easy-to-learn package. 155 pages. 


Lessons from the Ark

This book addresses the hidden aspects of prospecting which you seldom ever hear about. Learn the "secrets" pros use to orchestrate win-win conversations in order to attract a steady stream of new team members. This unique book lifts the veil on 40 vital concepts. You've never seen the animal kingdom like this. 128 pages.


The Most Expensive Cookies in the World

Fear of rejection can be devastating. This book tells a compelling story in which you play the main character. Cookies is a powerful recipe that will transform your mindset. Never again struggle with fear of rejection when you prospect. 96 pages.


Sticks & Stones

Are you hesitant, nervous or reluctant to prospect people you don't know? Are you concerned how others will perceive your motives?  Do you question your own motives?  Do you have concerns about intruding?  Then this audio set is for you! 2 CD's.


Bodaciously Colossal Book of Business Quotations

The biggest little quote book you'll ever see. Well over 400 pages illustrated with over 500 full-color cartoon images. It's funny, inspirational, unforgettable and free. Click to read more.

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The Critter Lessons Series
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