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Bodaciously Colossal Book of Business Quotations

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If you enjoy great quotations, you'll love this unique little, big, huge, enormous, colossal book! This is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill book of quotes; no way. The author has a reputation for presenting solid content with humor and creativity. So don't be fooled by the exorbitant price tag of $0.00 (£0 for my UK friends)this volume is loaded with both humor and creativity. "So," you ask, "just what makes it so unique?" Thank you for asking... 


  • It includes a special written tribute to Zig Ziglar.

  • It was created especially for team-builders. While entrepreneurs and sales professionals of all types will benefit from this book, team-builders will immediately recognize the value of every word and point made.

  • This is not some little 30-page PDF thrown together in a couple of hours to serve as some half-baked give-away. This book contains well in excess of 400 pages, each one painstakingly and professionaly crafted through the use of time-consuming formatting techniques (custom backgrounds, shadowing, reflection, advanced color gradients, line-by-line text wrapping, contexual font styles, etc.).

  • Many of the quotes are lesser known. While some of the quotes are ones with which we all are familiar, many are not. Russ spent 100's of hours searching out wisdom, witticisms, and wisecracks which apply to your business endeavors. It's jam-packed with over 800 hard-hitting, thought-provoking, attention-grabbing, quotes and sayings. Some are serious, most are humorous, and a few are severely sarcastic—just to keep you on your toes.  

  • You won't find even a single one of those gorgeous, yet ubiquitous, nature photos which so often accompany inspirational quotations; not in this work! Every page is illustrated with full-color cartoon images. Each page tells a "story." Some of the illustrations relate directly to the quote(s) on the page; some indirectly. Often seemingly unrelated images are combined in order to create a play on words. The result is entertaining and engaging as well as inspiring,

  • Every attribution is hyper-linked to an on-line bio of the the quote's originator.

  • Every image is hyper-linked to on-line content that is related in some way to the image. It may link to information that expounds upon the concept in the quote. It may link to a funny photo, a video, an inspriational story. It may link to trivia, or the history/origin of something in the illustration. All you know ahead of time is that it links to something that is related, in some way, to the image. You never know what you're going to get until you click. 

  • It contains several hand-picked inspirational stories perfect for incorporating into your team/sales trainings. 

  • Finally, it contains a smattering of high-impact, principle-based, how-to-tips related to inter-personal communications and prospecting.

You can enjoy this great volume by downloading it directly. No cost, no hassle, and no burning hoops to jump through; just click here and start downloading now.