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The Critter Lessons Series

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If you’re engaged in Direct Sales, MLM, or Network-Marketing, you know the importance of PROSPECTING and communication skills. Regretfully, the SECRETS to these “soft” skills are seldom EXPLAINED. Enter the Critter Lessons. This series unveils the secrets of “human connection" skills.

And it does so in way like never before.

This unique series uses traits and behaviors of animals as illustrations for human connection skills. The result is empowering, engaging, and highly entertaining. Here is small sample of what’s inside:

  • How to start (and carry) conversations with anyone
  • How to overcome you fears, anxiety, and/or hang-ups
  • How to prospect with respect, empathy, and purpose
  • How and when to bring up the subject of your business opportunity
  • How to sell without “selling”
  • What to say when you’re prospecting someone you don’t know
  • What to do when someone won’t return your phone calls
  • How to tell the difference between “no” and “not now”
  • How to turn “not now” into “yes”
  • How to make customers out of prospects who pass on your opportunity
  • The right way to increase your retail sales volume
  • What mindsets accelerate your results. (Note: there are several.)
  • How to increase your income by measuring your prospecting results.
  • How to turn a complete stranger into a friendly, warm contact.
  • How to get referrals easily and quickly
  • The right way to conduct a three-way call (simple, quick, and highly effective)

Now, imagine all this (and much more) explained in a format that . . .

  • Puts you in control of your business growth
  • Shows how to make prospecting fun
  • Includes specific, detailed action lists
  • Gets results because it’s based on wholesome principles that treat people right

If you appreciate animals, you will LOVE this series. The author conducted extensive research

Each volume includes 40+ lessons, where in each lesson is represented by a animal.