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The stuff on this page refers to several different resources that are related either to Lessons from the Ark or to subjects related to a Christian world-view. The content I market commercially does not promote my faith. Nor does it assume that readers believe the same way I do. My content is a help to anyone who wants to master prospecting, regardless of their beliefs. This is true even of the ark book, as so eloquently pointed out by Doug Firebaugh is his foreword. I encourage you to treat this page according to your concscience. If you're interested, then by all means proceed. If not, don't be offended; just click the back button and enjoy the rest of the site


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Map/Legend of Book Cover

If you look closely at the cover to Lessons from the Ark, you'll see that the animals are engaged in all sorts of games, pranks, and silly activities. Such is the nature of Eric Dowdle's folk art.

While Eric markets much of his work as high-quality puzzles, his original pieces typically ends up in museums and private collections. His subjects range from college sports teams to overviews of famous cities to well, Noah's ark. The detail in his work is astounding. This link will take you to a complimentary PDF of Eric's original image which is licensed for use in the book cover to Lessons. Take a look at the PDF to see what all the animals are up to. Pay special attention to the raccoons. They make fine example of how not to prospect. 


What did Animals Eat on the Ark?

Some readers of Lessons from the Ark, have asked why the background story contains certain elements. For example, why none of the animals in the story were interested in eating each other. I answer this question in the appendix to the book. My approach in the story reflects some fairly intensive research and most of it boils down to this paper by David Larsen. Note: the information in Larsen's paper has absolutely no bearing on the prospecting content in the book. I refer to it merely to satisfy the curious reader (like me) who enjoys learning the "story behind the story."


One of several sources I found both helpful and fascinating.

The Original Networker

A unique site with some great articles. Biblical truths explained within the context of network marketing and MLM. 



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