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"If you want to set your Prospecting ablaze, this book is the match, flame, and kerosene to do it. Your prospecting will be so on FIRE that you will be stunned. Russ has done a great job in taking a subject most people avoid and turning it into a step by step gold mine. This is a MUST read for anyone that is serious about their Success in prospecting."

Doug Firebaugh, CEO PassionFire International, PassionFire.com

"Prospecting is the lifeblood of a successful network marketing business. Prospecting Rules! will challenge you to leap beyond your current comfort level and stand up and be heard. If you want to overcome your fears,strengthen your life, your business and your prospecting effectiveness,you’ll discover a great friend in this book. You’ll probably want to recommend it to your entire team."

--Jim Britt, Author “Do This. Get Rich-For Network Marketers."

"This is the American Express of prospecting books! Don’t leave the bookstore without it! I’ve read thousands of books and interviewed hundreds of authors; Russ McNeil has by far, hit the ‘selling’ nail on the head. Finally, someone withreal networking experience has written the how-to of how-to’s for prospecting. No matter what industry you’re in, network marketing, direct sales, or any other type of sales, Prospecting Rules! is a must read. No matter what your experience level, newbie, novice, or professional, this sure-fire read is the first place to go to give your business the boost it needs.

Delving into the core concepts of networking and setting up hundreds of examples, this book covers everything you need to get your business off the ground and take it to the next level. Russ dissects and lays open theentire process of making initial contact with prospective clients, whether it’s meeting someone at a grocery store or that 30-second elevator speech we so frequently bumble through. Through example after example, you’ll gain true understanding about the sales process and getting inside the head of your prospect. Not only is this THE book for you, but it’s a must for your entire team.
Where was this book when I first started sales? Russ, you Rock!" 

Ross Arntson, NetMillionaire Concepts, www.netmillionaireconcepts.com


"What a fantastic book for the MLM and direct-sales world! The humor is quite appealing and the content is straight forward and right on target. The section on "Mental Judo" is a variation of a powerful concept I've taught for years. Prospecting Rules! is a tremendous resource for newbies, long-timers, and anyone in-between. Congratulations, Russ, on a fabulous book!"

Jane Deuber, Co-founder, Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA), President, Profit Partners Consulting

"Daily prospecting is where the rubber meets the road in network marketing. Everything else is just scaffolding. Without this critical daily activity, your dreams of passive income will elude you. Russ provides simple, practical, field tested tips and strategies that will give you clarity, confidence and turn you into a master prospector."

Margie Alaprandi, Author, speaker, trainer and network marketing icon

"This is a wonderful book on prospecting which does two things really well. 1) It dissects the entire prospecting process - what to say - how to say it - when to say it etc. and 2) it's an entertaining while being informational. There is plenty of humor and down to earth language, it's like you are being "trained" by the author himself - not as if you're reading a text book. That's the best thing about the book - the author is incredibly analytical which is great since he deals with everything that arises when it comes to prospecting but he doesn't take himself too seriously, making it fun. A must read for anyone who wants to cut to the chase and learn the prospecting essentials."

Andrea Waltz Co-author "Go for No!"

"Successful prospecting equals network marketing success. Prospecting Rules! is the best book on prospecting I’ve read in my three decades of network marketing. It’s a quick, easy read (lot’s of pictures for us guys), but is packed with powerful ideas for approaching people. Every network marketer should read this book!"

Rod Nichols, Author, The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success

"Russ McNeil's book `Prospecting Rules!' is very insightful, a real eye opener even for this sixteen-year Network Marketing on-line veteran. I just grabbed hold of a few more gold nuggets to start practicing and I plan to use it as a team training manual! We get a lot of bang for the buck packed into one little fast reading book. Consistently put these tips and real life scenarios into real action and watch your business come alive!

Sue Seward, Entrepreneur, leader

"I read Prospecting Rules! while traveling to San Antonio to celebrate my wedding anniversary. Despite the significance of the occasion, I literally could not put the book down. Russ McNeil has put into words what I have been trying to understand and articulate for over 20 years. This book defines prospecting…not just some trite definition, but rather the whole concept. It shows how to execute the entire prospecting process from start to finish. And it does all this in a way that the reader can apply and duplicate. This book has been "missing" from MLM for far too long. Thank you Russ...Prospecting Rules! is AWESOME!"

-- Tom Chenault, Host, "The Home-based Business Radio Show"


"Prospecting—it’s the name of the game! Finally, we have a book giving people permission to have fun finding the right people... If you want to have more fun—and more prospects too—read Russ McNeil’s book."

Michael S. Clouse, Editor-in-Chief, Nexera.com

"When Russ showed me the manuscript for his book on prospecting and asked if I'd consider giving it an endorsement, I agreed to read it. After I did so, I didn't just endorse it—I wrote the Foreword! Russ knows his stuff, and he explains it beautifully. Everyone in any type of sales needs Prospecting Rules!"

John David Mann, National best-selling author and editor, Networking Times, co-author, The Go-Giver

"Prospecting is as complicated as the human personality, but Russ McNeil has made the subject fun, comprehensible, and possible for anyone to master. This is a great book; a must for transforming prospects into partners."

Doug Wead, best-selling author, international speaker, and legendary networker (ret)

"Russ McNeil has taken an important part of network marketing that is usually glossed over or ignored and  broken it down so that it can be learned and practiced, much like learning to play an instrument. Now, when a rhino wants to charge, he or she can read this book and apply action that will produce results. Russ, thank you for making it easier to charge out in the jungle!"

Scott Alexander, author Rhinoceros Success

"Prospecting Rules! is a fun read packed with powerful ideas and strategies that every network marketer should know and utilize. Russ' book explains, in simple terms, the principles that empower you to orchestrate productive prospecting conversations with people you don't know. Truly great stuff.  Read it and 'Be Progress'."

Dean Linsay, author Cracking the Networking Code - 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships

"Confidence in prospecting, especially the kind you’ll read about in this book, comes from a combination of belief and knowledge. Russ assumes you have the belief. What he expertly teaches in his book, is the knowledge you need to be successful. Follow the principles—and specific methods—Russ so generously shares and you’ll experience great success while helping many others become successful as well. Great job, Russ… Great!"

Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals and co-author (with John David Mann) The Go Giver

"Fantastic nuts and bolts of developing and creating successful relationships through prospecting. If you are looking for the 'how to's' of meeting people and developing those relationships so you can do business with them, this is a terrific book!"

Chris Widener, best selling author of The Angel Inside and The Art of Influence, ChrisWidener.com

"Cold prospecting is a skill that most net-workers are afraid of—and ineffective at. Russ takes years' worth of prospecting experience, and boils it down into simple steps anyone can follow. If you want to master the art of situational prospecting, Prospecting Rules! is the book for you."

Marc Accetta, www.MarcAccetta.com

"By the time I was half way through Prospecting Rules!, I was already anxious to get it to my team. Every network marketer needs to read Russ’s book. I like things that are simple and this book is simple to read, simple to understand, and most importantly, simple to implement. Any marketer can read this book and immediately gain something to make them better at team-building. The distinction between 'Prospecting' and 'Presenting' alone is worth the price of the book. Thanks, Russ—I love it!"

Jordan Adler, Author, Beach Money

"If you're prospecting for opportunity seekers, Prospecting Rules! is one book you have got to read! It's packed with how-to's, insights, and principles that hit the nail right on the head. In network marketing and direct sales alike, prospecting skills are critical. Russ's book explains them all. Read it, practice what you learn, and prospect your way to success."

Ken Futch, speaker and author, Take Your Best Shot – Turning Situations into Opportunities

"In Prospecting Rules!, Russ McNeil masterfully crafts a logical, step-by-step formula that is sure to help anyone in network marketing or direct sales. In the most powerful portion of the book, Russ shows you ways to overcome your prospecting struggles by illustrating the application of tried and true principles. And while your personal prospecting struggles may be unique, he helps you to eradicate your self-limiting mental blocks by revealing practical techniques that will work for you! In short, he guides you toward prospecting success. Brilliant!"

Lisa Mininni, executive coach and author , Me, Myself, and Why? -- The Secrets to Navigating Change

"Russ McNeil has successfully tackled one of the most challenging aspects of prospecting--the cold market approach--in a simple, logical manner that even the newest networker can benefit from. Although situational prospecting may be considered 'old school' in this age of the internet, as I look across the landscape of our profession, it's clear that 'old school' not only still works, it still works best! Our industry needs more books about how to make human contact and create human relationships. Prospecting Rules!Is one book fills that void perfectly."

Len Clements, Founder and CEO, MarketWave, Inc

"Russ McNeil hit one 'out of the park' with his book, Prospecting Rules! In team-building, the skill set of connecting is the most vital skill of all and Russ breaks it down into simple steps that anyone can duplicate. His book is a must read for anyone interested in growing their business and expanding their market reach."

Denise Clements, Multi-million dollar producer


"Turning strangers into friends is the life blood of our business. Read Russ's book, Prospecting Rules!, to discover how. It's fun, easy to read, and insightful."

— Robert Butwin, Multi-million dollar industry earner, Author, Streetsmart Networking

"Russ does a masterful job of explaining the task of prospecting. He is able to relate to the reader in such concise, simple terms that this important activity is no longer a confusing puzzle...but a clear picture."

— Bo Short, Million-dollar producer, Industry Expert

"As the leader of an organization numbering in the thousands, I've learned to differentiate between 'textbook' MLM gurus (that seem all too common) and genuine business builders who have been in the trenches and have the battle scars to prove it. Russ McNeil is the real deal and if you're looking for real concepts that work in real life, his book, Prospecting Rules!, is a must read. The second principle alone is worth a fortune—everyone responds to it, it's easy to do, yet so few reps put it to use! Thanks, Russ for writing this book."

— Jeffery Yong (Malaysia), Part-time Professional Network Marketer, Full-time husband and daddy

"As the author of an e-book on how to find prospects, I thought I knew a little about the art of prospecting, but reading Russ McNeil's book, Prospecting Rules!, opened my eyes. This book describes several new excellent ideas that virtually anyone can use to build a substantial business from home, both on and off-line. If you want to earn like the 'big-dogs' of team building, I highly recommend you get the book. Then follow Russ's advice and proven methods. Closely."

— Nick Hetcher, Author, Big-dog team-builder

"To the whole MLM World: As the 'MLM Watchdog' and 'MLM Oracle', I am always on the lookout for SUPER GOOD Transformational Training. Most MLM training stuff is MUSH as far as changing behavior goes, but Russ McNeil’s dynamite book, Prospecting Rules!, is a shining exception. This book contains transformational training that lays out a step-by-step pattern of prospecting that is both logical and DUPLICABLE. I don’t care if you’re a newbie in the industry or someone squeaking by on a $ million a year, I have one short sentence for you in my normal bone-breaking honesty: You’d have to be just plain dumb to not buy this book and read it from cover to cover!"

— Rod Cook, Bsc., M.A., M.B.A., MLM WatchDog, MLM Oracle, MLM Consultant

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Russ McNeil's book Prospecting Rules!. It's easy to read and contains some awesome tips whether you're new to the industry, or a seasoned professional. He breaks the information down in a way that makes learning fun. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn the art of sorting through strangers and turning them into viable prospects."

— Diane Walker, aka 'MLM Blonde', Co-Author, Navigating the World of Network Marketing

"Prospecting Rules! presents a powerful sharing system for Direct Sales teams. Russ presents the information in such simple terms, that you and your teams can implement it immediately to create win-win conversations throughout the day! His pattern of conversation takes the stress out of prospecting--no more fear of rejection, no more pushy tactics, and no more excuses for not knowing anyone. It’s high-impact and easily duplicated--a perfect fit for any team. Prospecting Rules! rules!"

— Laura Morlando, aka, 'The Stress Commando', Accomplished team-builder

"Prospecting Rule #1: Read This Book! This amazing little book was so much fun to read that I had a hard time putting it down. Russ McNeil teaches lessons that are essential to success in sales no matter your product, field, or industry, and you absolutely must read it because using the principles in Prospecting Rules! will make you rich."

— Jeb Blount, CEO, SalesGravy.com, Best-selling author, Power Principles

"Prospecting Rules! contains concrete tips and techniques that transform the prospecting challenges which overwhelm most of us, into simple, clear processes for success. Russ's book is a great guide for turning opportunity into achievement in the areas of both recruiting and sales."

— Debra Fine, Conversation Expert, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling author of The Fine Art of Small Talk and The Fine Art of the Big Talk


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