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Lessons from the Ark will change your life. Read and apply the wisdom in this book to build powerful connections and relationships. Learn how to connect with people who can elevate your life and your business to extraordinary levels. This book takes Noah’s experiences on the Ark and uses them to explain some of life’s greatest lessons on communication. And it does it in a way that will entertain you as Russ explains the similarities between the animal world and human behaviors. This one is a game-changer!

-- Troy Rocavert, co-founder & CEO of Network Marketing Business School

Lessons from the Ark is one of the most fascinating and creative books on network marketing that I’ve read in the last 32 years. It’s fun and yet packed with million-dollar gems that can transform a network marketer from failure to top income earner. This book is a must read for every person involved in this great industry, from novice to expert!

–Rod Nichols, Successful team-builder and Author of The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success

Prospecting matters, and If you want to learn how to find new customers, Lessons from the Ark is a must read. It's a witty and informative look at the attitudes you need to be a business all-star. You can stop your frantic networking and start learning dozens of ways to attract your ideal customer. What are you waiting for? Read it already.

–Dan Waldschmidt is an ordinary dude with an outrageous mission. He is at war with conventional sales thinking and Wall Street Journal calls his blog one of the” Top 7 sales blogs” anywhere in the world.

Lessons from the Ark is an amazing book! It takes a rather dull subject, prospecting, and makes it hugely entertaining. Much more than a fun read though, Russ has packed it full of useful, practical information that will help you build a dynamic business—if you put the stories into action.

– Scott Alexander, Author of Rhinoceros Success

... If you want to grow in the area of prospecting, Lessons from the Ark is a must read. It’s a brilliant idea full of insights and practical principles. It's also easy reading and would make great gifts for your team members. ...

–Dr. Stan Harris, aka Dr Breakthrough, Author, Trainer, Evangelist and 10th degree Black belt, www.DrBreakThrough.com

Russ McNeil does a masterful job of sharing the wisdom of God as revealed in the creation, and applying them powerfully and practically to everyday living, especially for those of us in the business of sales and / or network marketing. Russ addresses things like prospecting and networking in refreshing ways, showing how the character of God is revealed in His manifold creation, and that by studying God's character, we learn his ways. Whether walking confident as a lion, standing your ground like a rhino or simply the lesson of the duck that literally changed Russ's life, you will be nourished, encouraged and greatly helped by following the ways God built into His creation. When we apply His ways to our business and personal lives, success is inevitable! This is a must read for anyone in sales or network marketing, especially if you are not seeing the results you had hoped for when you first began.

-- Michael Q. Pink