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The Most Expensive Cookies in the World has not yet been released. Several respected leaders are eveluating it now, and the endorsements are starting to come in...

The concept that Russ shares in Cookies is useful ONLY if (1) you have teammates who are afraid to prospect, or (2) you yourself have ever been afraid to prospect. The training in this book will melt your fears just like the delicious chocolate chips in the amazing cookies served inside.

–Ray Higdon, #1 earner, blogger - www.RayHigdon.com

The painter of parables, Russ McNeil, has done it again. The Most Expensive Cookies in the World is a quick, easy read, and packed with powerful points that can benefit network marketers of every level. This book should definitely be in ever networker’s library!

–Rod Nichols, Successful team-builder and Author of The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success

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Sue Seward

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Margie Alaprandi, Author, speaker, trainer and network marketing icon