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by Doug Firebaugh


At the age of 26, the Network-Marketing profession came into my life and it’s been an incredible blessing ever since. A quarter-century later, the profession is virtually a part of who I am. In my world-travels as a speaker, I have pretty much seen, heard and done it all. At this point, discovering something new and unique in the industry is just about impossible.

But a couple of weeks ago, the impossible happened.

That was the day Russ McNeil called and asked if I would consider writing a foreword for his new book. I was flattered and honored that he asked because he is quite a writer and Network-Marketer in his own right. Russ shared with me the concept behind Lessons from the Ark. I loved the idea and said that I would be willing to review it. When I asked how he was able to balance the “Bible stuff” with his prospecting teachings, he said, “The easiest way to understand is to read it.”

I received the manuscript. I read it. It blew my mind.

Russ has taken one of the oldest stories in the world, and given it a completely new perspective by relating it to our industry. And he’s done it brilliantly. Lessons is balanced perfectly. It’s not “preachy” at all. It merely uses a Biblical story as a backdrop for sharing powerful truths about prospecting. AND IT WORKS. It doesn’t matter whether you believe the Bible or not. Using the animals on the ark as illustrations for prospecting skills is priceless! It’s so ingenious, and so much fun that it’s obvious (to me anyway) that the book was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

It’s fascinating to see how the various traits of different animals align with important truths about prospecting. Some are traits to emulate, and others are traits to avoid, but each one is outlined with real-world advice and tactics that you can use today to build your business.

I enjoyed all the animals, but my favorites are Lion, Eagle and Chimpanzee. They’re brilliant, they’re funny and every one of them lands right on the bull’s-eye. Russ packed so many valuable insights into this book, that you’ll need a highlighter and a journal when you read it because you will take notes—and lots of them. Russ McNeil has delivered a golden gem to our profession and I’ll say it now: I believe this book is REQUIRED reading for all Network-Marketers— NO exceptions. It is that good of a prospecting work. It will bless you again and again with revelations about prospecting that you may never have considered. It certainly blessed and taught me a lot. As I read it, I felt like I was back in school learning an exciting new course—it’s really that good.

This book is amazing, and I know it will help your business tremendously. Tell all your people to study this book. Then reinforce it with “APC”s—Ark Prospecting Classes—webinars that delve into the content with your teams and leaders. They’ll love you for it and their businesses will explode.

One final thing: Being a Christian, I am glad to see that Russ is open with his faith as well. Nevertheless, it does not matter what your personal beliefs are. The information inside will transform your business.

Congratulations for buying this book. Now, read it. Then read it again. Then repeat with your team.

And watch out for those monkeys! 




Doug Firebaugh is CEO of Doug Firebaugh Training International. You can reach him at www.passionfire.com or support@passionfire.com. Doug hosts TheFireCall, a free training call, every Monday night at 10pm EST. Visit www.thefirecall.com for more information. 


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