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by Andrea Waltz & Richard Fenton


    Nowhere is rejection more of an issue than in the profession of network marketing. As the authors of a book that teaches people to overcome their fear of ‘no’, we know this all too well. We have spoken to, and met, thousands of people in the profession who continue to battle the challenge of rejection. 

    That’s right; it’s a battle. And like every great battle, there are twists and turns, ups and downs and times when hope is lost entirely. Tragically, some people succumb, and ultimately lose this battle. We use this analogy not to depress or alarm you, but to stress the utmost importance of utilizing every resource available to help you continuously and rigorously feed your brain with positive, inspiring and new ways to overcome this most insidious of all challenges.
    So with the topic of this battle so near and dear to us, we were quite curious to learn of Russ McNeil’s latest work, The Most Expensive Cookies in the World. How could he possibly use cookies to create a change in mindset about rejection? It seemed like a difficult task. And that, of course, is the brilliance. 
    It’s the parable of a world-class restaurant where you work as a server. That’s right—you work there—a creative choice made by the author to put you right in the middle of the story! What’s so great about all of this is that it draws you into the story immediately. Russ’s writing is down to earth and easy to read and since you’re the main character—well—it makes you eager to find out what’s going to happen next!  
    In the story, you find yourself befriending a frequent patron. At the same time, you find yourself part of the restaurant’s exciting new launch of the best, most delicious, most unbelievable cookies ever baked. (Warning: while reading this: you may find yourself overtaken with an overwhelming urge to run out, grab some chocolate chip cookie dough and start baking.)
    Needless to say, the analogy totally works and like the first bite of a really delicious cookie, it’s even better than you expect. 
    As you finally reach the conclusion and with the lessons digested, we think you’ll be plenty full. Perhaps not so much in your stomach (unless you did, in fact, bake cookies), but rather full of hope and of knowledge.  
Truly, the lessons you’ll learn in this book will help you win the most crucial battle of all—the battle over your networking marketing mindset. It’s a battle that you can win—if you’re willing to feed your brain with the good stuff. And you won’t find very many things better than a story about the most delicious cookies ever made with some of the most life-altering lessons ever shared. 
    Go ahead—have a cookie—turn the page and dig in! We dare you to eat just one.