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DISC Profile Assessment

Would you like to take your prospecting to a whole new level? Want to be more a influential leader? Then you need to know about the DISC model of human behavior. It's not complicated and the benefits of knowing this information will transform every aspect of your life—business, family, etc. The first step is to determine your personal behavioral style. That's what this link is for. It's a complimentary on-line questionarie that will identify your basic style. The only other thing you need is a copy of Positive Personality Profiles as listed on the recommended book page.


The Network Marketing Magazine

This is a fabulous resource for team-builders. It's an on-line magazine composed of thousanads of articles written by a wide range of industry experts. Articles are cataloged by subject matter so you can easily drill down into your personal areas of interest.


Custom images for your blog, website, ...

What a great site! Upload your pics then use one of the many on-line tools they provide to quickly generate custom posters (like the pig to the right), billboards, etc. that you can incorporate into you blog, your e-zine, book, or website. The process is simple, quick and the results are totaly unique.


Complimentary e-book Buffet

A smorgasbord of of free books in PDF format. Take all you can eat. There're some real gems in here.