Just for Fun

Who said prospecting can't be fun? This page contains a variety of things collected from the web and then framed within the context of prospecting. Enjoy...


Prospecting Pearls

A few custom posters I made (see this page for the tool I used to create them)...


Watch your tone

Make sure your tone of voice and body language send off friendly signals. Otherwise, the prospect may not appreciate your efforts. The man in this video doesn't come across as very congenial. Take a look at how his prospect responds...


When it all comes together

Prospecting isn't really all that complicated, but it is made up of a few key principles. Once you know about these principles and figure out how they work together, prospecting just works—almost like magic; just like this video.


Be gracious

It's trueyou do have something the prospect wants, but that's no reason to be arrogant, condescending, or bragadocious. On the contrary, always be gracious and unassuming because in prospecting, just as in life, what goes around comes around; a lesson this guy learns the hard way.


Me, when I first started prospecting

This is a fine example of how not to prospect. I used be guilty of this. Thank goodness, I learned better.

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