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The founder of Aha! University, Russ McNeil, was utterly unprepared to enter the world of team building. With an overbearing personality, a disinterested warm market, and a genuine fear of approaching people he didn't know, he had a loooong way to go. Eventually, through trial & error, determination, and  deliberate personal development, he mastered  the art of situational prospecting. As a prolific prospector, Russ was routinely listed as a top recruiter in his company's monthly magazine.

It was a successful mentor, Don W., who initially recognized Russ’s uncanny skill of connecting with complete strangers. At Don’s urging, Russ found himself on stage, teaching the fundamentals of situational prospecting. Those early experiences of teaching the subject to live audiences underscored a huge void in the industry: As a whole, the industry is exceedingly good about telling reps what to do, but not so hot about telling them how to do it. There is very little training on how to meet, engage and make an offer to people that you meet randomly during the course of everyday life. The purpose of Russ’s content is to fill that void.
Through his conversational presentation style, appealing sense of humor, and real-world experience, the author brings readers and audiences to new levels of understanding on the subject of prospecting. His work has been endorsed by Doug Firebaugh, Robert Butwin, Michel S. Clouse, Bob, Burg, Margie Aliprandi, and a growing list of other industry icons and experts.
Russ has witnessed first hand, the positive impact our industry can have on both individuals and families. And it all starts with the first contact, the first "hello", the first friend requestit all starts with good prospecting. Today, Russ is on a  mission to empower others with life-changing information on the subject. His books, are a part of that mission. So is this website.