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Doug Firebaugh is known around the world as premier network marketing trainer; for good reason. All of his content is rock-solid.



Michael S. Clouse is another world-class network marketing/MLM trainer. He's on this page for a reason.


For authors

Writing a book? Have you ever thought of writing one? Already have a manuscript and want to save on printing costs? This is the only contact you will ever need. Ghostwriting, editing, proofing, covers, layout, printing. Whether you're an author already or an asipiring one, do yourself a favor—reach out to Brian.


Logos and graphic design

Need a logo? A cover for your book or CD? How about a billboard? Call this genius. Damien isoutrageously creative, super fast, 1000% reliable, super fast, and amazingly cost-effective. Oh yeah, did I mention that he's super fast? Follow the link and check out some of his gorgeous creations.



Stuff that will rock your world

All top-earners know that specialized knowledge is vital to success. In a people busines, like network marketing, direct sales, MLM, and party plans, this vital knowledge is related to your personal growth. This is a short list of books and audios that will contribute to your mastery of the art of prospecting. You want a short cut? This is it.



There's no way to do this site justice in a single paragraph, but here goes...everything on the site sells for $5. Most of the things for sale (called "gigs") are services—graphics, logos, back-links, video ads, professional email signatures, etc. There are some incredibly talented individuals on here just trying to get their names out. There are some duds on here too, so you'll have to dig around a bit. If Fiver wasn't wortwhile, it wouldn't be listed on this page.