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What Noah's Passengers Taught Him About Prospecting (Vol. I, The Critter Lessons Series)

Become a prospecting animal...

Why is Doug Firebaugh is so fired up about this book? 
A huge part of prospecting has to do with the unspoken signals you send to your prospects. So just what kind of signals are you giving off? That your business is fun and lucrative, or that it's a chore and sometimes not worth the effort? That you're trustworthy and credible, or sometimeswellnot so much. Do you come across as up-tight and nervous or relaxed and confident? 
You'd be surprised at how many signals you give off in even a short conversation or on-line exchange. And some of them can make or break a conversation before it even gets started. Often, the unspoken signals you give off are so noisy the prospect can't hear your actual words. That's when they respond with something like, "No thanks, I'm too busy." This books shows you how to send the proper messages so you can enjoy the desired outcome. Many of the concepts in this book are seldom taught. What have you been missing? What has it cost you not knowing?
Top-earners know how to use to the proper signals in order to foster win-win conversations that create positive results fast. Now you can too. To discover more, check out the links at the bottom of this page, or click on the cover for a closer look.
Naturally, I think the book is pretty special, but I'm biased, so please, don't take my word for it. A growing list of top-earners and industry experts have endorsed the book. Here's what one one of them had to say:

"Lessons from the Ark will change your life. Read and apply the wisdom in this book to build powerful connections and relationships. Learn how to connect with people who can elevate your life and your business to extraordinary levels. This book takes Noah’s experiences on the Ark and uses them to explain some of life’s greatest lessons on communication. And it does it in a way that will entertain you as Russ explains the similarities between the animal world and human behaviors. This one is a game-changer!" 

Troy Rocavert, co-founder, Network Marketing Business School

So why is Doug Firebaugh so fired up about this book? The answer may surprise you. Read his foreword and find out...