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The Most Expensive Cookies in the World

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A Cookie a day keeps the rejection away...

Why on earth would the world-renowned "Courage Crafters" write a foreword for this book?

Many folks in sales (and network marketing in particular) struggle with fear of rejection. Are you one of them? This book empowers you to overcome this insidious challenge. Cookies will transform the way you think about prospecting and the fear that comes with it. This unique little book accomplishes the mission through a powerful story. And you, my friend, are the main character in that story!

The entire work is based on a PowerPoint presentation I developed a few years ago. I know from audience feedback that it works like a charm.

Top-earners must all overcome their fears. And now, with this tool, you can do just that. You'll never read another story like this one. It's lighthearted, super easy to read, and loaded with aha-moments. To discover more, check out the links below or click on the cover for a closer look.

I'm not much of a baker, but I have to admit, these cookies are really pretty special. You don't have to take my word for it though. A growing list of top-earners and industry experts are currently endorsing pre-release copies. Here's what one one of them had to say:

"The concept that Russ shares in Cookies is useful ONLY if (1) you have teammates who are afraid to prospect, or (2) you yourself have ever been afraid to prospect. The training in this book will melt your fears just like the delicious chocolate chips in the amazing cookies served inside." Ray Higdon

So why did Andrea Waltz & Richard Fenton write the foreword? The answer may surprise you. Read what they wrote and find out...

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